Pure italian silk

Thanks to its texture similar to the one of human hair, silk is the most biodegradable textile. This is one of the reasons why it was uses for surgical suture for centuries. It is the softest natural fibre, very fresh in summer and warm in winter. It guarantees thermal insulation while letting the skin breed.

Choosing silk for our garments is an essential requirement as we want to offer a product of the highest quality, in terms of beauty and of well being for our body in line with the highest standards of the #mindchapter garments.

The quality of our silk means total absence of imperfections and pilling, resistant textiles to washing and wearing. The choice of #mindchapter is sustainability. Our ecological connotation is a fundamental feature of the brand. This explains the choice of suppliers committed in reducing toxic emissions and environmental impact, subscribing the Greenpeace Detox commitment (September 2014).