Social luxury

#mindchapter is born out of a joint project with Vesuvio Free Minds Association that looks after its production.

We focus on the qualities of the individual and the group becomes the instrument through which these can be seen and can become evident. We believe that each person possesses the potentialities for change; we believe that being with others and building relationships can help to know ourselves better and to acknowledge our inner strengths. They contribute to modify our history in order to construct a better path in life. The association ‘Free Minds’ aims to promote events and opportunities that would inspire and promote a deeper awareness of our mental possibilities and inner strengths. Our purpose is to promote a new meaning for the term "assistance". Therefore assistance is support, that means supporting people to feel better through adopting new perspectives that can lead to new experiences and to prepare a better future.

The final objective is to donate part of the profit from the #mindchapter sales to professionals that are engaged in the world of social services, mainly focusing on special needs and problem teenagers from every part of the world in which our garments will be sold.