Our philosophy

The #mindcharter project aims to inspire a different lifestyle based on awareness in our own possibilities. Through the pure beauty of originality, simplicity and real feelings, #mindcharter encourages a change of direction intending luxury as an intimate experience that leads to emotional well being and triggers major changes in everyone's life. Freedom is part of the #mindcharter philosophy. This means freedom of movement and a free emotion flow in our 'Animus', which respects and recognizes the Other as a person mirroring our innermost characteristics. It means freedom to wear a garment imagined and created using fabrics of the highest quality, produced respecting the made in Italy long-established tradition and reflecting the surrounding environment that represents our history and produces an ancestral perception of feeling at home in every place. The #mindchapter garments suit every occasion because they are simple and luxurious at the same time, giving people a 'chic' and stylish look in every situation, thanks to originality and perfection.

Each #mindchapter garment is imagined as a chapter of an elaborated mental path thought for the person who is going to wear it. It generates a monogram in which freedom of being is essential. Creativity and the desire to live and promote beauty are paramount. Each garment is conceived as a unique piece, thinking about the person who is going to wear it: almost as a short film with freedom as the protagonist. The main feature of the #mindchapter garments is the handmade manufacturing. Each garment is in the hands of a person who will look after it through its entire manufacturing process until the final hand sawing of the label and careful positioning in its ecological paper bag is completed.

The "social luxury" comes out of the desire to devolve the profit to social services experts in order to promote projects for adolescents with neuro-psyco-social difficulties in every party of the world where these garments are sold.